Interview: The Influential Father Behind the 9 Year Old Photographer!

Kevin Wyllie and his daughter, Regina at her first bike shoot!

Kevin Wyllie and his daughter, Regina at her first bike shoot!

What are Regina's aspirations for her innate passion for photography? 

"She wants to make people happy. When she sees the smiles on peoples faces when they look at their photos, it makes her feel good and she just wants to keep on doing that and capturing nice photos."

How did you start to explore your own interest and find your place in photography?

"In 1991 I spent a few months in Africa with my army regiment and saw so many beautiful sights that I decided I wanted to learn how to capture the world around me through photos. When I returned to the UK I went straight out the next day and bought my first SLR. Over the years I grew towards photographing people and found that I just loved the interaction and chance to capture life. Eventually it got to the point where I really wasn't happy doing anything except photography, so I made the jump to being a full-time pro in 2011."

Who are you most inspired by?

"One of my earliest inspirations was the late, great, Bob Carlos Clarke. Whilst I don't shoot the sort of erotica that he was most famous for, it was his style - and in particular, his love of black & white - that I have always loved. I also love the work of Greg Heisler, who shows such an incredible mastery of lighting. Believe it or not, I also draw a lot of inspiration from the world of Disney. When my little girls dress up as a Disney princess, and tell me that this is how they will look when they get married, I realise that my brides probably did the same when they were younger. To me, it makes sense for me to draw on that when it comes to capturing their wedding as the stories, names and clothes may change, but the way a Disney princess moves, dances and interacts with the hero etc. is always the same."

How does Regina describe the way she sees the world?

"She sees something beautiful no matter where she is, whether it's a flower, a landscape or on someone's face. In her own words 'There's always something nice to photograph or draw'."

What have you been up to and how have you been developing in recent times with your work?

"Recently, I've been developing my Pets by KSG brand as I am a big softy for animals and love rolling around on the ground photographing animals. For my wedding and portraiture work I am constantly trying new things with my lighting rig and enjoy finding new ways to use everyday objects to create something different."

What is Regina learning in photography at the moment?

"She is learning how to use Lightroom to edit her own images. With the capture side of things, she's working on using the rule of thirds and manipulating natural light using reflectors and everyday constant light sources, such as torches and LEDs. Next on the list will be introducing her to working more with off camera flash."

How has all the attention impacted you and Regina? What are you and your daughter's thoughts and feelings about it?

"From Regina's point of view, she is quite shy about the whole thing and, at first, couldn't understand why she was getting so much attention. In her own words "I just take photos, Dad, nothing special" The good thing is that it certainly isn't going to her head - quite the opposite, although it has made her a bit more confident knowing that she is better than she thought she was (and the fact that it isn't just her mum and dad telling her that). From my side, I'm just the proudest dad in the world to see my wee girl being recognised for her work and seeing her confidence growing a bit. She's quite a quiet girl, and she likes 'hiding' behind the camera - it's sort of like a comfort blanket for her. So to see the smile on her face when she realises that she now has over 3 times as many Instagram followers than I do is great.  I also make sure that she doesn't get any unnecessary pressure from us, or anyone else, and she shoots when and what she wants to. When she wants to do some training, we do, but it's essential that she is allowed to enjoy her childhood. She competes in ice skating and swimming competitions, so she keeps herself busy and we try to make sure that she, and her wee sister, get a healthy upbringing and enjoy their childhood. The biggest problem is that her sister, Alba, who is only 6yrs old, wants to know when she can shoot a wedding now! lol"