Free LR Presets

We've been creating a partnership with fellow photographers from all over the planet, people we've come across who inspire us as well as others with visions that come together to convey a big, incredible, complex picture; and we care and believe in what this community of collaborators does and stands for.

How lucky we are to have had the great fortuity to have connected with them and supported their passion and lifework, The way they do it.

Collection - W

Image By Collaborator @megbirdphoto

Finding ways to saturate the depth of emotions into every shot, we have orchestrated 'Collection W' to brighten and deepen the little gritty details in the best ways. Lightroom Presets in this Collection:

Images By Our Collaborators: Errick Jackson, Carolina, Pale Girl Photo, Jeni Jo, Casey Krauss, Stewart Clements, Hallie Kohler, Daniel Enamorado, Miranda Vettrus, Oliver Owen, Meg Bird Mulvey

Collection - X

Image By Collaborator @jordanworthy

To confront the unknown and unearth what is out there, dig into the dark depths of the reality we dwell in. We exist to experience by exploring. Lightroom Presets in this Collection:

Images By Our Collaborators: Alexia Mercado, Amanda Claire, Arianna Marie, Dannie Melissa Wit, Frankie Hildebrand, Jordan Worthy, Juan Naula, Katie Cannon, Kayla Ghould, Leslie Colón, Liz Charney, Melanie Baxter, North Tuso, Paige Culley, Paulo Cruz, Vince Patrick, Zechariah Lee

Collection - Y

Image by Collaborator @haleyyjacobson

With the ever-changing lifestyles and times, everything must shift to adapt while experiences remain timeless and pure. Those experiences are blended with the core of times changed - existence. More warmly and precisely than before. Lightroom Presets in this Collection:

Images By Our Collaborators: Camryn Elizabeth, Haley Jacobson, Caitlin Welles, Miranda Vettrus, Meredith James, Stewart Clementz, Jeni Jo

Collection - Z

Image By Collaborator @vadimblysh

Collection Z aims to emulate the hazy yet vivid spark of feeling and remembrance like walking through a funhouse of the mind... dark mirrors and invigorating adrenaline rushes giving way to adventures. Some of the best experiences are the ones you don't see coming. Lightroom Presets in this Collection:

Images By Our Collaborators: Vadim Blyshchik, Ian Dooley, Kayla Mendez, Mason Wilkes, Gabriel Syhalath, Mark YoungCristiano Mozzillo, Hallie Kohler, Caitlin McFadden